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About Our CEO

Karel Dohnal, CEO of the Dohnal Group and currently has responsibility for the company’s business operations while also leading the integration throughout Oceania and North America.

Prior to the Dohnal Group, Karel has had more than a decade of direct sales, customer service and marketing experience. This experience was gained in campaign fundraising, telecommunications, pay TV, energy, security and other commercial products.

The Dohnal Group’s sales systems, sales education and overall high standards have enabled us to provide some of the highest industry sales results and averages for our clients and business partners.

Karel is well known in the outsourced sales agency industry and is a leader for change in the industry’s employment model. This has delivered a shift in the market with unparalleled success, record growth and a higher sales piece average combined with quality assurance, and longer client customer sustainability.

Karel Dohnal

Chief Executive Officer

We are a team of experts

The Dohnal Group has been providing high quality outsourced sales solutions since 2014. Over the past several years, the Dohnal Group has established ourselves as a market leader in the provision of high-quality sales. As a company, we embrace change, adapt to our clients’ needs, evolve with technology and recognize and contribute to modern cultural societal changes and behavior. We have experience and a proven track record working with and on behalf of a variety of well known national and international brands, including blue chip organizations.

Our diverse experience ranges from representingnon-profit organizations, pay TV, sporting organizations, SEO branding, educational programs, email advertising as well as consumer and commercial products. The Dohnal Group’s success has culturally and historically come from our own internal people.

We pride ourselves on being a fun company to work with!

We also support our people through training, education and development of skills in addition to providing an ironclad business platform in which people can grow their careers. With the combination of our experience and culture, we have set our sights on achieving best practice, high quality and consistent volume on behalf of all of our partners.

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